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Gays like to lounge about with a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape, naming all of the famous gay artists and writers they can remember, especially if straights are within earshot. Nevermind that some of these guesses are unsubstantiated; gays enjoy the challenge of proclaiming how they know Walt Whitman enjoyed the site of young men bathing or Viriginia Woolf never had sex with her husband, Leonard, because she was in love with another woman writer of the day.

Many websites, books, letters, and long conversations have been devoted to speculating on and debating the sexual preferences of everyone from Michaelangelo to Lindsay Lohan. The thrill of researching the lives of important people and laying claim to their team consumes much gay time and attention.

Straights can easily be lured into this gossipy recreation, but the banter may become less festive when the bottle runs low and one begins to wonder just how many geniuses gays would like to recruit from beyond the grave. After all, if everyone still thought Leonardo Da Vinci and Rock Hudson were straight, how would life be any different?


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