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Gays come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. With that knowledge, they often try to blend in among the rest of the crowd, usually without identifying themselves until a key moment that allows them to embarrass straight people for one reason or another.

For example, straights might be enjoying a dinner out, unknowingly with a clandestine gay, and over the arrival of the main course of filet mignon, a couple may quietly toast the lucrative write-off they took on their taxes this year, thanks to their recent marriage. The gay person, originally thought to be a single straight friend and something of a wallflower, may decide to announce her oppressed rank at the celebratory moment and protest to the group that she does not get such a tax break since gays can’t marry, though she has been with her partner for four years.

Why didn’t she tell anyone that she was gay before she created the awkward silence at the height of the meal? Is it fair to the straights, who are actually gay-friendly, that this gay has made everyone uncomfortable and essentially ruined the rest of the evening? Beware of those gays that don’t fit the molds society has identified; they will use their anonymous status to play games with your head and toy with your expectations, all in an effort to call attention to their plight and upset what was a perfectly pleasant evening out.


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